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Welcome to the worldwide homepage of


the BABUREK family!

The Baburek family originated in Czechoslovakia but has spread worldwide over the last century, with reported family members in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, The U.S.A., Canada and many other countries (where are you located?).

The idea behind this website is to
unite the worldwide members of the Baburek family from all different countries and give them the opportunity to be in touch with each other, other (maybe even long lost) family members, make new friends or perhaps rekindle with some old ones.

Further we want to give Baburek family members the opportunity to present themselves to
each other and to the world (think of personal homepages yourname.baburek.com, blogs etc.).

Also we can provide
personal e-mail addresses (yourname@baburek.com) or e-mail forwarding (yourname@baburek.com can be automatically forwarded to any existing e-mail address (Gmail, HoTMaiL, Yahoo etc.) which you are currently using).

Also we would love your input, cooperation and
help in building/mapping
the Baburek worldwide family tree !

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Would you like to have your own personal web space and e-mail address
and participate in building this website?
Please get in touch and send us an e-mail: �pick-me (at) baburek domain�.

We�d would LOVE to hear from you!

This website has been given the Breath of Life on 13 August 2009 and is currently under construction.
Initiated and Copyright © 2009-2016 by Peter Baburek, The Netherlands.